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Laptop Cricket Lifestyle

Laptop Cricket Lifestyle While Following The English Cricket Team Around South Africa

The laptop cricket lifestyle continues, off to the airport into a jet WHOOSH. Off I go to watch the English Cricket team play against South Africa in their ODI and 2020 cricket series.

Who am I? Mark Ford is an ex solicitor in the Magistrates Courts in the United Kingdom. Gone for a month, this English cricket fan! How can I disappear into the blue yonder and spend a month indulging my passion for cricket? Easy I live a Laptop Cricket Lifestyle owning a global internet business working with a team of friends and business colleagues.

My laptop cricket lifestyle allows me the freedom to indulge my passion for the game of cricket and allows me to afford the luxury of travelling to many destinations around the world.

Wherever I open my Laptop that is where my business is.

THIS GIVES ME FREEDOM, not just hoping a boss will grant me leave to go and indulge my passion for a month. No 9 to 5 slog for me, no rush hour, no commute and definitely no same four walls. I can choose where my office is every day, my working hours and even better when I am not at work I am still working! A Laptop Cricket Lifestyle for me I say. You will have noticed in my following the South African Cricket tour in person that there was a break between matches well what did I do? Well here we go!

A Laptop Cricket Lifestyle – Arriving In South Africa To Continue Mark Ford’s Cricket Tours

With a screech of tyres on the runway we are here. South Africa a new destination for me but the English cricket team have been playing here since the 1800’s. So off to enjoy the fruits of my laptop cricket lifestyle.

I’m here to watch the cricket matches and do business in between how brilliant is that? Well, what did I get to see? Lots! Having spare time between the matches enabled me to explore the country a bit. I must admit what a lovely place with sunny skies and the people are very friendly. Being a member of the ‘jet set society’ I got to see a large part of the country, a big thank you to the English Cricket team.

My travels led me the length and breadth of the country, although I didn’t get to see the west coast and the middle of the country too much. From Port Elizabeth to Centurion, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. I must admit I did not get to spend a huge amount of time in the first three cities as the matches were ‘in and out’ and off to the next venue. But with me being a mentor in the Six Figure Mentors, a community of like minded individuals all with their own internet businesses and mentoring people to start their own businesses, I had friends already formed in South Africa through my laptop lifestyle who gave me some incredible advice and shared their incredible hospitality with me. This hospitality I was to find as a trademark of my whole South African tour.

So, from being taken to dinner in Johannesburg to going on safari in South Africa I was really spoilt on my tour of the English vs South Africa cricket series. It would all never have been possible if I had not chosen a laptop cricket lifestyle!

What I got to see!

Cape Town was really the first city I got to see as such with a 5 day break. I think the name that is synonymous with South Africa is Nelson Mandela, this immediately comes to mind. Now when Mr Mandela was incarcerated all those years ago as a political prisoner on an island called Robben Island(Robben from dutch meaning seal) just off Cape Town(its about a forty minute trip by boat). I was privileged to tour the Island and see the cell he was held in. An incredible experience. But Cape Town is also a cosmopolitan society and has an incredible history and some amazing tourist attractions. It is the home to the South African parliament. Two oceans(the Indian and Atlantic)  meet at Cape point on the penisular. The huge and imposing Table Mountain in who’s shadow the city lives and thrives with a cable car that takes you to the top of the mountain and opens up some incredible vistas before you. Don’t forget the famous castle as well. Cape Town is a harbour city colonised by first the dutch in 1652 and in a tussle between Holland and England changing hands a few times until it became firmly British. But enough of the history. I have included a video below of some of my Cape Town experiences for you (I apologise for some sound problems the breeze wasn’t my friend, but a picture paints a thousand words).

Thank you Cape Town for your hospitality and the business I did while in town. A beautiful city and I can say with certainty “I will be back”.

The after tour holiday.

laptop cricket lifestyle off to durban South AfricaAfter the 2020 matches in Cape Town and Johannesburg I took another four days off to visit fellow Six Figure Mentor member Dalene (whom I mentor) and her husband John in Durban KwaZulu Natal. The English cricket team did not play any odi matches on the tour but they had played test match cricket there. The Laptop cricket Lifestyle coming to the fore and allowing me this FREEDOM to see another beautiful part of the country. I thought after the whirlwind travels around South Africa this would be a nice break for me, but that was only a thought! I got to fly another Mango lads! Durban on the East coast of South Africa another thriving harbour town, with the Indian Ocean forming its one border (this a lot warmer than the Atlantic).

My Durban Safari

Africa home to some incredible wildlife, the big 5 Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino. Little did I expect that when I landed at King Shaka International airport that this English cricket fan would hit the ground running. So whisked off into a car and we’re off into the wild blue yonder. It turns out I’m off on Safari our destination the Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve(don’t ask me to pronounce this i’m still battling) in Northern KwaZulu Natal. We drove past miles and miles of Sugar cane on the way as sugar production is huge in this part of the country.

Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve

After a 2 hour trip we arrive at the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game reserve and just through the gate we see a herd of impala(buck) and in the dry riverbed too far to take a picture a Lioness lying in the sand. Unfortunately there was a drought and the land was very dry. Off to the camp and we see Elephant and Rhino as well as Wildebeest(a GNU) and zebra and other small game. I must admit I am extremely privileged as I got to see 4 of the big 5 the only thing I missed was the Leopard and that i’m told is a huge privilege because many people take quite a few trips to see the big 5.

So into camp the car mobbed by local terrorists(no not human, but monkeys-Vervet monkeys). We settle in and I have my first ‘Braaivleis’ (BBQ) and am introduced to PAP(pronounced pup) a maize meal porridge served with a tomato and onion gravy. So after much joviality and seeing a full grown hyena walk through the camp at night its off to bed.  Up we get at 4 am and we’re off again on a game drive into the bush with a Ranger what an awesome experience, but please don’t do this too often I’m not a morning person! I was amazed to see the road work crew held up by an ELEPHANT! You guessed it.

Back to Durban

Back on the road again off to Durban to see the sights. What a large city, John a rugby man drags me off to see Kings park the rugby stadium and then briskly whips me road the corner to see Moses Mabhide Stadium which was built for the World cup soccer in 2010. Onwards we go and suddenly there it is Sahara Kingsmead cricket stadium the highlight of a died in the wool English cricket fan, why because we won the test match there! Also there is that hidden call of the hallowed turf, that magnet that draws any cricket fan to it with an irresistible force. From here off to the Yacht basin and on to dinner in the harbour. Past the City hall a stunning sandstone structure, not allowed to go to the natural history museum as I quote, “you have had enough of the ‘wild life,’ Mark.

Some history and a scenic trip

John also with a malt licence asks about the beer and ‘lager is lager is lager’ is my answer. So dragged out of bed the next morning and we off again, this time inland to Pietermaritzburg to meet another Six Figure Mentor member and then into the Kwazulu Natal midlands. A surprise for me! I had mentioned Robben island and had been impressed with the story of Nelson Mandela so we take a left turn at a town called Howick and after a bit of a country road meander the Nelson Mandela capture site and museum. Oh what a surprise. The museum is actually across the road from Where Nelson Mandela was captured. The spot where the ‘black pimpernel'(as he had been dubbed by the media) looks just like a bus stop or little laybye. What an inspiration to walk through the museum and see the history of this great man.

What a surpise

Surprise number 2 into the car and we turn right back onto the country roads and meander towards a small town called Nottingham road(hopefully no sheriff!). Along the road we take a left turn and joy of joys a sign ‘Nottingham Road Brewing Company’ what is this? At the end of the driveway BEER HEAVEN! Ale,Porter, India Pale ale, Stout and Bitter, REAL BEER. Needless to say we had to have some refreshment to wash all the dust down from our long travels! Then we are off again to find ‘Biltong’, What is this creature does it bite? Not at all turns out to be the equivalent of ‘jerky’ but not as dry and very tasty.  Home James.

A bit more of the local culture

mark ford having a bunny chow durban kwazulu natal

The famous or infamous Bunny Chow

Last day in Durban, no rest for the wicked off we go again for the morning. Taken to a Safari park in Botha’s hill to see some crocodiles and other reptiles and to be shown a traditional Zulu village and learn about the Zulu culture with some Zulu dancing as well. An interesting and informative morning thank you one and all. Back home to pack and one last look into some South African culture.

Kwazulu Natal is famous for a food known as ‘THE BUNNY CHOW’ and this was to be my last lunch. I was asked if I like curry and said I like a curry. So off John disappeared to re-appear with the Bunny Chow. This strange beast being a curry(mutton for me) in a hollowed out quarter loaf of bread. This is the smaller size they also come in half and whole! The curry I must admit was a bit hot for me(this one was considered mild) but what an incredible tour of Durban and immersion in the culture this trip was for me.

So thank you Durban and South Africa but all good things must come to and end. But for your entertainment I have included a compilation video of my tour of Durban.

I live the laptop cricket lifetsyle and you can to. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the laptop cricket lifestyle it can be the Laptop your dream here) lifestyle. If this is you, your passion crying out for release from the prison you feel tied to, then sign up here for my free newsletter or if you want to connect on skype book here.

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you reach the dreams you desire.

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