South Africa VS England One Day Cricket Port Elizabeth 2nd ODI

England vs South Africa One Day Cricket Match 6 February 2016

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South Africa VS England One Day Cricket Port Elizabeth 2nd ODI

The Second Cricket ODI, St George’s Park Port Elizabeth 6 February 2016.

I kicked off the first of my cricket tours by starting at the second one day cricket matches in the five match series in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. “Welcome to the Windy City” the radio announcer said and that was no lie, with a fine breeze blowing in from the sea, enough to get the white horses galloping under sunny skies. I was later to find out from my South African Friends that Port Elizabeth has earned the name because it seems there is always a breeze blowing in the city. To the breeze blowing in the trees outside I thought, “So starts my cricket tours adventure!”

However no time to wax lyrical, on with my England Cricket shirt and the rest of the supporters kit and off to breakfast. No one to be in doubt that I am an ardent English cricket fan. Why you may ask did I not come out to South Africa to watch the England Test match cricket, well its simple the test matches happened over Christmas and January and I wanted to spend time with the family and had some Business commitments with the Six Figure Mentors to honour. But I had cleared the decks for the One day cricket series and the two 2020 cricket matches to follow. Breakfast done off to St George’s Park.

The Venue Second one day international cricket match

england south africa cricket st georges park port elizabeth

The approaches to St George’s

St George’s a brilliant venue, set in a park like atmosphere surrounded by not so green grass(there was a drought on) and the most beautiful trees. It was such a nice walk through the park to get to this magnificent oval, one of the oldest in South Africa.

Here’s hoping that the cricket is going to be as magnificent as the setting. Arriving at the entrance I stuck out like a sore thumb as I had arrived with a crowd of South African supporters, but I must admit like the majority of South Africans I met they were the most polite and friendly bunch. Although here I was the ‘enemy” they treated me well considering that England were coming here with a 1-0 lead in the one day cricket series.

So into the oval we walked South African and English cricket fan united in the love of cricket. I must admit that I was intrigued to see a pile of fans at the oval in football jerseys. What a lively crowd of fans in that stadium and I was to discover that fact wherever I watched cricket in South Africa. So I found my seat and was fortunate to be mixed with some local fans and English cricket fans. Now for a day of some great cricket come on England you beauties!

The usual huddle round the middle captains and umpire and South Africa won the toss and chose to bat. Thank heavens for the breeze to keep us cool under these sunny skies. Although we can’t always win the toss. In any case huddle sorted field cleared for action. Here they come trotting out onto the pitch, THE ENGLAND CRICKET TEAM, come on Morgan, Stokes and the lads.

To a loud roar here they come the South African openers Amla and de Kock. The batsmen take up their guard and we are ready. Oops after the first ball I can see this is a slow pitch and that’s not good as it will get slower as the day progresses. So do we start to get nervous now or wait?

South Africa Cricket Innings.

Boom England strikes Topley gets his man, first wicket that of Amla clean bowled. The English fans roar the South Africans groan, but a knowledgeable crowd applauds a good ball. Game on in this one day cricket match. The slow pitch takes its toll, with de Kock falling cheaply for 22 lbw to Stokes. But as they say ‘it’s  not over till the fat lady sings’ and South Africa steadied the ship. That man AB de Villiers suddenly out of nowhere finding form after a poor batting patch ( three ducks in the last test match innings and an 8 in the first one day international cricket match). He was eventually stopped at 73 caught by Jordan off Stokes’ bowling. But between du plessis(46), de Villiers(73) and Duminy(47) South Africa was starting to build a solid innings. Well done to Rashid and Ali who dug in well and with some very tight bowling put the throttle firmly in place through the middle overs. So after 50 overs South Africa’s score was 262 for 7 now for our turn.

Lunch time, so off I go in search of much needed nourishment both solid and liquid. Be warned servings in South Africa are LARGE. I looked around and a friendly local advised me to try a ‘boerewors’ roll(don’t ask how to pronounce it i’m English) but it translates as farmers sausage. So I thought, ‘when in Rome’ and got one of those, really tasty with fried onions and a tomato relish(not Sauce). As to refreshment being English beer is needed, I was faced again with a wide choice and started with what seems the most popular a lager called Castle. So for my first lunch at a South Africa Cricket oval this English cricket fan had a farmer’s sausage and drank a Castle! However, with the sincerest apologies it is not like a good English beer.

England Cricket Team Innings

england south africa cricket odi st georges park port elizabethReplete after lunch, back to my seat and the ever boisterous crowd. Here they come the England openers Roy and Hales striding out to take guard. Well let’s see lads get a good start. Oh bugger, a wicket Roy gone for 14 cleaned bowled by Abbott. Is that slow pitch coming back to bite us?  Yes I think so, we’ve lost reasonably cheaply Root(38), Morgan(29) and Stokes(0, definitely a better day with the ball lad). Thank heavens for Hale dug in there and steadily doing the business.  But the star Jos Buttler striding in and finding his form straight away. May well be after his huge signing to the IPL(Indian premier league). Another wicket Hales gone for 99. But all is not lost for this English Cricket fan because Buttler is belting the South African attack all over the park and Ali is providing a solid backup to Buttler. Suddenly these lads are bringing the game back for us in a hurry. Here we stand starting over 47 and all we need is 8 runs to win. In storms Morkel to Ali first ball Crack! a brilliant four. Morkel turns and comes in again Crack another brilliant four! Ali you did it lad thank you. England 263 for 5 off 46 overs and two balls, We win by 5 wickets.

Full match report

A Boisterous Crowd.

I have to talk about the crowd in my first live one day cricket match in South Africa. Remember being an English cricket fan and having mainly watched cricket in England, yes with the barmy army livening things up with their chants and singing it was an eye opener to attend the match at St George’s and other venues in South Africa. The South Africans I have found are a jovial and happy crowd and this extends to those attending cricket matches. The crowd was a lively one, to the extent that there was a band in the crowd making music. They played well and were very lively throughout the day no matter the outcome of the match( although I must admit they were livelier when they won, more later on.) Earlier I mentioned some supporters arriving in football jersey’s at the stadium. They were a lively bunch and sang and stomped their way through the match. It was incredible to me to watch how the crowd became fully immersed in the game no matter who you were or where you came from. For your amazing hospitality I am really grateful.

So at the end of this the Second one day international cricket match our tails are up with a 2-0 lead in the series. Onwards and upwards England.

Living the Laptop Cricket Lifestyle has allowed me the first experience of living my dream of following the England cricket team in their matches around the world.

Next stop Supersport Park, Centurion for the third One day International cricket match.

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