what is a super over in cricket

How Super Over Add Thrills In A Cricket Match?

Cricket is a bat and ball game between two teams of eleven players each. The game’s objective is for a team to score more runs than the other while the other team fields. There are two innings per side, one from each team. In each inning, one team bats and the other fields. Teams alternate between batting and fielding throughout a match.

Cricket is a sport widely played in the world.  There are two teams in a cricket match which plays and score runs. The gameplay of cricket is very exciting and entertaining, that is why it is very popular in the world.

People love to watch cricket for fun and therefore it is very famous all over the world. The people following this sport knows what is a super over in cricket. They know its importance and how it makes their watching experience of cricket more thrilling.

What Is Super Over?

The super over is a method to decide the winner of the cricket match

The super over is a method to decide the winner of the cricket match. As you know, each team gets one chance to score a maximum number of runs in cricket. So if there happens a chance where the score of both teams are tied up, then the winner is decided with the super over.  A super over is an extra over given to both the teams to score runs. The team is scoring more runs in super over wins the match.  The teams get six extra balls, and this is one of the thrilling methods to find out the winner of the match.

Cricket is known for its exciting twist and turns in games. This means you cannot decide who will win the match till the last over. As it is a very competitive game, all the teams come well prepared to play the match. So whenever you watch the match of goods teams, you get full entertainment out of cricket match.

Introduction Of Super Over

The super over was introduced in cricket in 2008. Earlier then, the super over the methods used to decide the winner was old and boring. The cricket fans demanded the method they could watch with all the focus and time. It also should excite them enough to stay after the match to watch the winner of the match.  So the cricketing board decided to invent the super over to satisfy all the fans worldwide.

Previously the bowl out system was used to decide the winner of the match. In this, the bowler used to hit the stumps with no batsmen.  It was not a great method, and most of the time, the match still would get a draw. So this proved to be an ineffective method of getting the winner. The super over was tested many times, and it successfully passed all the tests of the cricketing board. Then it was introduced to international levels, and then gradually, as it became hit in cricket, the board started its use in world cups.

Rule Of Super Over

The ICC or International Cricket Council is responsible for making and changing the rules of cricket. The ICC also made some rules regarding the super over too. This rule is not used in test matches to decide the winner.  The super over is used in ODIs and T-20s internationals.  The super over is used if the match gets tied up at equal scores.  Each team must select the three batsmen who will bat in super over. This means there are a total of two wickets in a super over.

The team which chased the score came up first to bat in super over. If after the super over match is still tied, then one more super over is given to decide the winner of the game. But after this, if the game ties up, the number of boundaries is counted to decide the winner. The boundaries scored are excluded when counting the total number of boundaries.

The extra thrill of super overs

The people love to kind of sports full of thrill and excitements. Cricket served that craving of thrill to its fans and the people who watch it.  Cricket is played in three different formats, and thus each game has its gameplay, which attracts all the age group fans. Since the introduction of super over, cricket has become a hit globally, and its fame is increasing day by day.

The super over sixes and boundaries turn the games favoring the losing team. And you never know who will win the cricket match as the match can turn into a single over. This makes the super over and cricket more fun and thrilling.