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Find out more about live cricket betting and its misunderstandings

It’s a common misconception that cricket betting is all about placing bets on which team you think will win. But live cricket betting goes far beyond the winner of the game and involves more than what happens on the field.

It’s about throwing your money down to bet on who will be an integral player in victory.

It is about all the knowledge you have regarding the playing conditions, stadium, the weather of the match venue because these small things do matter when it comes to placing the right bet on cricket matches.

Also, in live cricket betting sites, you get the option of live scores of ongoing matches. The thing to know is that live betting is more famous than any other type of betting globally.

People find this betting exciting and favor their betting strategies. So if you are among the people who do not know yet about live betting, then below is all the info you need.

What Is Live Betting?

Live cricket betting online is a betting where people make their bets about current or upcoming matches.

In live cricket betting, the bets you make are placed simultaneously as the sporting event in question and then immediately executed after the match has been completed. This provides those who participate with a ‘live’ perspective on their prediction’s success or failure.

The main appeal of this form of gambling is that it allows users to bet on all types of sports throughout the day, from golf to boxing and from soccer to tennis, with all bets being accepted on any given sporting event within a certain timeframe.

Types Of Live Betting

There are two main types of live cricket betting available online. The first is the type where you predict the outcome of the match in question rather than placing bets on the outcome itself.

This means that you can place bets on many potential outcomes of a single match and not just on one specific result. So, for example, you can choose to bet on either team winning or both teams winning, on a draw or any combination of your chosen outcomes.

The second type is known as Natural Cricket.  This is where you wager on which team will win today’s match without considering any possible legal consequences of such a wager.

In other words, you are betting on the match’s outcome rather than placing your bet on a particular result.

An added advantage of this type of betting is that if you choose to make natural cricket bets, you can place them on any given day, taking into account all the previous day’s matches and how they had shaped up in terms of points being scored and runs being scored.

Top Three Live Betting Sites

Fun88fun88 website overview

As the name suggests, every customer coming to this platform enjoys the experience of cricket betting. Along with the option of live cricket betting, you can stream the cricket matches too.

Isn’t it amazing and comforting as you do not have to switch platforms to watch and bet now? You will be able to manage all of your bets with a single account.

This site has one of the best customer support by giving their customer every communication option from call to messages to contact them. They have skilled and professional staff that deal with customer requirements and questions and try to solve them quickly.


Betrophy is another great online platform that anyone can join to play live cricket betting. One of the advantages is that it has other sports as well to bet.

Like if people are getting bored with one sport, they can place on any of the given sports too. This helps to keep the customer happy and satisfied all the time. In addition, they provide the best odds in cricket betting than other platforms.

ComeON!comeon betting platform in india

It is a 100% safe and legal cricket betting site where you can enjoy all cricket betting types.

People like ComeON site because of its exciting rewards and bonuses. The company also aims to make the deposits and withdrawal system easy and comforting. It takes seconds to deposit and withdraw the winning amount from this website.

It’s not easy to pick the correct winner before a match begins, especially if you’re getting familiar with live cricket betting or are beginning to follow this game closely since the start of a series.

But with these sites, you will be able to understand the basics of the game. This will help you place the best bet to increase the chance of winning.