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Indibet sportsbook

Indibet was launched in the year 2020. Despite its youth, this is one of the newest bookmaker offices, and it competes effectively with older and larger sites. The number of active users in this community is now approaching 100,000. This is due to the huge stakes, large jackpots, and the fact that a Curacao official license is available.

Simply set up an account and deposit at least the minimal amount to begin betting and profiting from your cricket and other sports passions. After reviewing the site for reliability and security, our specialists placed it on the list of the best cricket betting sites for Indian users.

What Sports You Can Bet On Indibet

Let’s have a look at the sports that are available on Indibet. Of course, we’ll take into account the most popular candidates, but the options aren’t restricted. You may search for your chosen discipline on the Indibet website.


Soccer betting is one of India’s most popular sports betting disciplines. You may wager on local and international matches, follow the finest teams in the world, or cheer on your favorite local team. For example, you may only be interested in huge international events such as the World Cup and other FIFA games, or you may only watch the English Premier League. Use Indibet’s online soccer betting choices to win real money and don’t miss any of the games.


Do you enjoy watching tennis and want to earn some cash? Bring your wallet and come wagering online with Indibet, which offers a diverse range of tennis betting options. Perhaps you’ll try your luck at betting on the Grand Slam? Alternatively, why not try your luck in other tournaments? On the Indibet sportsbook, you can bet on tennis tournaments from all around the world, including the Australian Open, WTA, and ATP. Don’t forget about Wimbledon in the United Kingdom and the US Open in the United States.


Gamers may bet on tournaments online in the same way they can bet on soccer, hockey, or other sports. Choose the closest event from the live table, make a deposit, and begin betting. You may bet on your favorite e-sports teams on the indibet sign up site whether you are an experienced gambler or a newcomer to the world of online betting.


Indibet offers the most sophisticated and extensive wagering experience in India for cricket betting on the Indian Premier League (IPL) as well as worldwide events and contests, including big cricket matches in all formats and clashes between world champions.


What is it about golf that attracts so many gamblers? For sports betting fans, this game is a fantastic treasure. Luck has a significant role in the outcomes of most sporting events, but it is most evident in golf (another such sport is baseball).

Of all, the weather is just one of the many variables that must be considered when generating golf forecasts. The more interacting components there are in any sport (for example, the impact of weather on betting results in football), the more difficult it is to forecast the outcome of a match or tournament. Place a wager on Indibet to satisfy your desire and enjoy an amazing round of golf.

Types of cricket odds

Odds Match

The wager is put on who will win the game or who will be designated the official winner. After a tie or extra time, the bet remains in place until a winner is determined.

Runs in Innings

The wager is dependent on the total number of runs scored in each innings. Bets will be invalidated if the requisite number of overs is not fulfilled.

Session Run

After the designated session, the betting coefficient is determined based on the total number of starts scored. If the innings ends naturally inside the stipulated number of overs, the bets are still valid. Wagers will be void if the match is called off due to uncontrollable external reasons.

Batsman Run

The foundation of the odds will be the number of runs scored by the designated hitter. The complete amount of runs will be counted if the batter returns later from the injury. The runs scored during a super over are not counted.

The coming of the next Wicket

The total number of delivery balls or overs till a particular wicket falls might be used to determine odds in this bet.

End-of-Season and Overtime Scores

The odds are determined after the game, which will be revealed publicly. Alternatively, assuming overs, wager on the match’s official score at the end of the over.

Live Betting Options On Indibet

Indibet is an Indian online betting service that offers live betting on a variety of competitions, from qualifying events to final games. You may place a bet on:

  • Soccer;
  • Tennis;
  • Baseball
  • E-sports and more.

The Indibet bookmaker’s live betting line highlights both the primary directions and the less important categories. The majority of games are accompanied by a free video broadcast or an infographic. You can follow the important events in the game as well as obtain statistics with their assistance.

The number of sets is indicated next to events where the format of matches may change (for example, table tennis). This discipline’s games are limited to 5 or 7 games.

The majority of the events begin with the pre-match. There are, however, certain tournaments that are only displayed on the betting line during the game.

Service of Assistance

To initiate a chat with technical support, go to the “Help” menu and pick “Ask a question.” A pop-up window will open, prompting you to submit a statement describing the problem as well as a name. Technical support specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with response times of up to 2 minutes. You may also contact a betting company representative by a hotline number, email, or through the Indibet sites on social networks and messengers.

Reliability of the bookmaker

The office provides its clients with great odds, a large selection of bets, and a variety of other instruments. You can fund your account and withdraw funds via bank cards, transfers, payment systems, and online wallets. In other words, Indibet is an excellent instrument for getting started in the world of sports betting.