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The Beginning Of Test Cricket And Some Of Its Rules

Cricket is increasingly becoming one of the most popular sports among other games in this world of sports. The fan base of cricket has also been increasing in several counties from all over the world. People now can find a fan of cricket from anywhere in this world or from any country they visit or look on. The main reason behi9nd the popularity of cricket has been the simplicity of the game, and the enjoyment people get playing as well as from watching it.

Among several pf the cricket formats, the most loved one is test cricket which is very popular among cricket fans. Thus, one common question that arrives in peoples` minds is when was the first cricket test match played in cricket history. The answer to the following question is mentioned below and some of the game rules.

First-ever test match in the history of cricket

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The first-ever match held between two countries or two teams representing different countries was in the year 1877 in Melbourne. This match was held between the teams of Australia and England. This match was won by the Australian team, which won again in the year 1882 in Kennington, which is in London. This match was also against the team of England, after which reporting news was printed.

┬áThis news included that the English team was cremated, and their ashes were being taken to the Australian country by the cricket team members. This event marked the discovery of the term playing for the ashes. The ashes kept in the king’s palace were of a bail that was burned by the teams during their tour to England during the time 1882-83. This era marked the beginning of the first-ever test cricket match and the series to be played among the teams of two countries.

The difference in the teams of the two countries

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The team of England became very powerful due to the presence of an amazing legendary batsman W.G. Grace. However, the Australian team also had an amazing bowler at their side that was considered the best at its period, called F.R. Spofforth. Furthermore, this team also had an amazing fielding team which was great at defending the ball from getting four or even a six. This made both of these teams equally strong in cricket test match due to their advantages in their aspects of the game.

The English team was good at the batting side because their players mostly focused on batting and fielding. However, the other team was mostly concentrating on bowling and fielding. This made both of these teams strong equally in their specific part of cricket. In the years 1882 and 1883, the matches held between the two countries of England and Australia began to rise.

Tactics created by the captain of the team England in the series of matches from 1932 to 33 raised many questions and fingers to the players in the team. This tactic or strategy was known as bodyline bowling. This meant that the bow would be delivered at a fast rate close to a batsman or towards them, meaning that the ball would hit the upper body and make them out. However, the result was that many players from the Australian team got injured, which resulted in protesting the strategy to be banned.

Sessions in a test match and its rules

A session is when some overs occur between two teams that have participated in the test match. The match keeps going on until a break is given for resting and relaxing, and eating. These sessions are considered and called the morning. The evening and the afternoon sessions of the game last for a total of five days combined.

Several people don`t know about this format and its rules. Thus, some cricket fans want to know how many sessions in test cricket are in total. In a test series of men`s cricket, there are a total of three sessions in a single series of this format. Every single session of the format contains 30 overs and does not have any time limit. However, there is an interval between two sessions of 40 minutes for a lunch break and 20 minutes for a tea-drinking break.

The test cricket match is played for five days for the men`s cricket team and four days for the women`s cricket team. There are a total of thirty overs in each session, and a total of six hours of the game for each day is considered.