Cape Town 5th ODI cricket

English cricket wanes at the 5th ODI at Newlands Cape Town

English cricket at Newlands cricket ground in Cape Town during the 5th ODI. Hopefully, the lads have put the 4th and the altitude behind them. Cape Town is a metropolis nestling under the shadow of Table Mountain famous for its tablecloth of cloud, home to Newlands cricket stadiumA beautiful city with the seat of parliament, friendly people, and the infamous Robben Island, the prison island that housed Nelson Mandela. The only city I have been to with very narrow tree-lined streets and a sunny ‘no rush’ disposition. So into this city, I arrived with high hopes for the last of the one-day games in the cricket series. I mean South Africa cricket had pulled the rabbit out of the hat and drawn the five-match cricket one-day international series 2 – 2. So it was down to the wire for English cricket.

The venue.

PPC Newlands what a stunning venue I don’t think that many grounds can hold a candle to this venue. Snuggled at the base of Table mountain and overlooked by Devil’s peak the ground is set in an idyllic setting. Another venerable ground in South Africa.

Being built-in 1888. The walk to Newlands is down a narrow street overhung with oak trees, what more romantic setting could one want for Valentine’s day. A victory for English cricket! would round everything off nicely. So once more into the fray chaps! Walking to the Cricket ground the fans mix and there is an air of bonhomie and joviality.  South Africa cricket has its tails up and the fans are just as excited.

So into the grounds seated amid this boisterous crowd. The ever-present band doing duty and the crowd in general in high spirits. The usual huddle umpire and captains and again South Africa win the toss and elect to field. At the rate we are losing the toss I am convinced that coin has two heads or tails. But enough of the sulks with the toss let’s get on with the game.

English Cricket Innings.

Roy and Hales stride out to the middle carrying the hopes of English cricket fans with them come on lads don’t stumble now. A bit of a turning pitch but the lads seem to be holding steady. Oh, no disaster struck Roy gone LBW to Tahir in the fifth over for 8. The start of the slump. Apart from Hales who dug in for a well played 112 and Root(27) and Stokes(29) it was a dismal performance by the English cricket team. I mean with the fourth-highest score being scored by that man EXTRAS(23) I think no more need be said about our batting performance. I think if the England cricket team were Superman and they were flying over Newlands they would tumble from the sky as it appears that this cricket ground is the same as Kryptonite to Superman. The result England all out for 236 after 45 overs, a really bad day at the office. Alex Hales well-done lad a shining light amongst the destruction. That young man Rabada to the fore again led the bowling attack and took three wickets along with Tahir and Wiese.

After that bad performance, I definitely need to bolster my spirits with a spirit, but since I am only licensed for malt I need to find one. To add insult to injury the pub is called the Springbok pub after the national rugby side. How depressing is that? But like rugby, we have a second half. We’ve put a score up now they have to get that score. So back off to the stands.

The South African Innings.

Amla And de Kock opened the South Africa cricket innings again. Come on lads tight bowling is the order of the day. Yes the first breakthrough de Kock has gone for 4 here we go, perhaps the Kryptonite myth is not true.  du Plessis(0), Rossouw(4), and Behardien(13) went cheaply but Amla dug in for a steady 59. Then non-other than de Villiers steps out and the Kryptonite is thought no longer. de Villiers(101 not out) and Wiese(41 not out) carried the day.  South Africa gets the win their final score 237 for 5 off 44 overs.

Full match report.

So English cricket snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Indeed this was a strange game wherein both overs that fellow EXTRAS was the fourth-highest score in both innings. However a sad day for all English cricket fans from leading the series 2 – 0 we lost the series 3 -2. However, I note that Amla’s words were true the South African had to play three test matches back to back. All credit to South Africa Cricket and the brilliant leadership of your side de Villiers.

So with the wind out of my sails I leave Newlands an unhappy Valentine jilted at the oval. Seriously thinking to swap my English cricket shirt with a South African supporter but no we are made of sterner stuff.  Off to see the sights and live the laptop cricket lifestyle. A five-day break will do everyone good and then we are back at it in the 2020 cricket. See you again at Newlands.

signature Mark Ford