Best captains of Indian cricket team

Top 5 captains of Indian cricket teams

ODI captain Rohit Sharma assumed full-time command after taking over as India’s captain for the first time. The Indian cricket team was led by the first captain, Colonel CK Nayudu. Ajit Wadekar led India in its first one-day international. Indian cricket team played England at Lords for the first time in 1932. The team is made up of the following players that represent the country overseas. As a captain, a team member is assigned a number of tasks. Thus, these captains act in a way that affects team perception. Several men have served as our team’s captain. There are some captains who have achieved record-breaking feats, but others have not managed to handle the pressure. In their own way, however, each of them is unique. While bringing you a selection of successful Indian leaders who have led the team to success, we have included in this article some of the best captains of Indian cricket team.

India's overseas campaign captain is Sourav Ganguly.

  1. Sourav Ganguly: Team India has arguably had the best captain ever with this man. The captain of India’s overseas campaigns is the ‘prince of Calcutta’. Each and every one of Ganguly’s teammates appreciated his fighting spirit. Ganguly gave many youngsters a chance to succeed. He built Team India from the ground up. The team reached the finals of the ICC World Cup under Ganguly in 2003. Sourav Ganguly was the mastermind behind the Indian team’s success overseas. As captain, Ganguly broke Australia’s 18-0 winning streak under Steve Waugh. During his leadership, India won its first series in Pakistan.
  2. Kapil Dev: Team India won the 1983 world cup with Kapil Dev as its captain. This was the first time the country had won an international tournament. Known for leading from the front, he was a captain type. India won 39 of its 74 One Day Internationals under Dev’s leadership. Nevertheless, his test results were not all that impressive. Against Zimbabwe at the World Cup, he accounted for 175 runs, the best score of any Indian player.
  3. MS Dhoni: Among the captains of Team India, he is the most successful. He also won the Champions trophy in 2013 as well as the ICC T20 World Cup in 2007. M.S. Dhoni is highly qualified in the field of tactics. Almost all of the cricketing nations in the world have been able to defeat him because of his cricketing brains and intuition. A similar promotion took place in the 2011 final between Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh. As a result, Dhoni scored an incredible 91 not out, which guided India to victory. 
  4. R. Dravid: The world of cricket is hailed as having produced one of the best batsmen in history: Rahul Dravid. His fans in India call him ‘The Great Wall’ and are also familiar with him as Mr Dependable.  During his innings, he batted exactly as he would as a person: stately and straight-backed, with dignity and a willingness to face whatever came his way. He debuted in an ODI against Sri Lanka in April 1996. As a defensive batsman, Dravid is characterized by a very strong batting style.
  5. Virat Kohli: The Indian cricket team’s fastest bowler and most prolific player, Virat Kohli, is one of the best in the world. As captain, he is considered the best in the world. In fact, he has surpassed the legendary soccer star, Lionel Messi, as one of the highest-paid sportspeople in the world. His international debut was at the 2008 Sri Lanka one-day international series. Kohli is natural aggression with good technical skills.