English cricketer William Gilbert Grace

Who is the father of cricket?

There are more than 150 nations where cricket is played. Many Associate nations have also taken huge strides in cricket. Test-playing nations are the powerhouses of the sport. ICC has tried its utmost to promote the sport internationally.

There was a time when cricket was merely a game of leisure before the ICC and other cricket boards assumed control. To be able to play international cricket for their country these days, the youngsters sacrifice a lot of their lives. William Gilbert Grace was also one who sacrificed his life for his country.

At the time, when WG Grace gave up so many other things for cricket, it was not so popular. A big investment in the sport has also enabled the young talent to see a sort of ‘future’ in cricket now that wasn’t there when I was growing up.

Sponsorship was hard to come by for the cricket tournament organizers. During the BCCI’s youth cricket days, Doordarshan was paid money to broadcast the matches in India. The situation has changed dramatically today.

Just for the right to show cricket matches in India, broadcasters must pay the BCCI tens of thousands of crores. WG Grace did much hard work for the future of the game, but all of this might not have been possible without his efforts.

Exactly who is known as the Father of Cricket?


It has been referred to as the Father of Cricket as it was played by English cricketer William Gilbert Grace. Grace was born in Bristol, England, on August 18, 1848. He died on 23 October 1915 after living for 67 years. A George Pocock was his grandfather, and Fred Grace and Emmett Grace were both his brothers.

He was playing cricket when the ODI format didn’t even exist. Mr Wheatcroft played for London County, Gloucestershire, and MCC. A year later, he played his final Test against the same Australian opponents.

The father of cricket is WG Grace, so why is he called that?The father of cricket is WG Grace

The cricket career of WG Grace was limited to just 22 Tests. The father of cricket is still considered today. Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Donald Bradman arguably belong to the same category of the Father of Cricket. In the modern era, any cricket fan would agree.

It is said that WG Grace held the record for most first-class seasons played in English cricket at 44. During the early days of cricket, he played 870 FC matches. But he kept focusing on making the game better.

In the sport, WG Grace made a significant contribution

William Gilbert Grace - Father of Cricket

The contribution made by WG Grace was so astounding that other people might not have taken this risk. England was still ruling India at the time, and even the English were not so rich.

The first-class career of Grace included 126 centuries and 254 half-centuries. According to reports, the great player was very active in developing rugby in his country.

WG Grace did it all in his legendary career, whether he was batting, bowling, fielding, or keeping wickets. Thus, he has been hailed as the pioneer of modern cricket.

Cricket will never again reach its peak of popularity from the 1880s. WG Grace was the only person to receive credit for it.